Why Homeschool With Seascape Private School and Malibu Cove High School?

There are many reasons to homeschool and below are some of the major benefits that result when teaching your children at home with Seascape Private School.

  One-on-one attention. School classrooms are stuffed to overflowing, often having 20+ students to every teacher (the national average is 17:1). Homeschooling with Seascape allows a child to get nearly one-on-one instruction (depending on the number of siblings) from a teacher (their parent or guardian) who knows them and their abilities better than anyone else, along with assistance and guidance from an assigned Seascape Private School teacher, if needed.

   Ability to fully accommodate your child's curriculum and schedule. Todayís lesson plans, which public school teachers are required to follow to the letter, are not made to accommodate the different intelligence levels of each child. Children with either higher or lower levels of ability and understanding suffer. It not only causes educational delays but often comes hand-in-hand with behavioral problems. The children with a greater understanding get bored with material they already know and the children with a lower understanding get frustrated with the material that they just canít seem to grasp. With Seascape Private School the pace and the material are set according to the ability of the child. Things can be taken more slowly or more quickly as needed.

   You are in control of what they learn. One of the great things about homeschooling is that you dictate what your children will learn and how they will learn it. You decide if you want them to learn about foreign countries by reading about them or going to one. You donít have to worry about teaching the subjects that are unfamiliar to you. The Seascape Private School textbooks choices are exponentially more enlightening than those typically used in other homeschool programs and public schools.

   Earlier entrance into college. This is a big bonus for many of Malibu Cove High students. So many public/private school students get to college with very little to show for the last four years, except possibly some advanced placement classes -- they basically need to start from scratch. Many MCHS students choose to start college while their friends are still in high school. Whether it be via dual credit courses or early graduation from our Accelerated Program, MCHS students have a choice!

   Better preparation for college. Data from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education show that, based on SAT scores, ACT scores, college freshman year cumulative GPA, and cumulative credit hours, "academic performance analyses indicate that homeschool graduates are as ready for college as traditional high school graduates and that they perform as well on national college assessment tests as traditional high school graduates." Studies have also shown that a greater proportion of homeschooled students go on to college than their traditionally schooled counterparts. Some California universities, including the University of California at Riverside and Stanford University, have even made special efforts to attract and enroll homeschooled students, who as a group have gained a reputation for being particularly motivated and for possessing "intellectual vitality." They are also prepared socially. One study that looked at freshmen at a private liberal arts college reported significantly fewer anxiety symptoms than a matched sample of traditionally schooled students. Self motivation. Focus. Personal drive. Itís hard-wired into Malibu Cove High students and when college comes, very little adjustment is required.

  At Seascape, learning is customized not standardized. In public school learning is standardized to what someone else says is best. At Seascape learning is customized to what the child and parent feel is best.

   Socialize with those who share your passions not just your zip code. In school students have little opportunity to socialize and even when they do, it is generally confined to those with whom theyíve been grouped with by year and geography. Homeschooling with Seascape provides children with the opportunity to socialize and make global connections with others of any age who share their talents, passions, and interests.

   Independence is valued over dependence. In public school students are dependent on others to tell them what to do and when. They spend their time as compliant workers and are discouraged from questioning authority. At Seascape, children are encouraged to explore, discover, and develop their own passions and talents and given the freedom to work deeply in these areas. They know how to learn independently because they are interested, not because they are told to do something.

 Seascape Private School and Malibu Cove High School students grow up as adults who know how to take ownership of their learning and their lives. They are empowered with the ability to attain satisfaction and success in life and career!